Draw a sketch

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On mobile devices:

To include a sketch in a conversation:

  1. Tap the conversation you'd like to sketch in.
  2. Tap the Sketch  icon.
  3. Choose the color you'd like to sketch in.
  4. You can use different brush sizes by tapping on the color you want to sketch with.
  5. Long press on the screen (Android) or tap long on a color from the color bar (iPhone/iPad) to change the background color, or to overwrite the previous sketch.
  6. Tap the Check  icon to send your sketch.

To undo the sketch, tap . To return to the conversation, tap .


Sketch on images:

You can sketch on images (photographs or other sketches) that are posted in a conversation.

  1. Tap the picture and then tap the Sketch  icon.
  2. Shake your device to remove the original picture.
  3. Shake your device again to bring back the original picture.
  4. Tap the Check  icon to send your sketch, either with or without the original picture.

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