How do Wire updates work?

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On desktop

Wire for Windows and macOS are using Electron, an open-source framework for desktop applications. Combining our existing web technologies, we run the same Wire for web code inside the macOS and Windows Electron application containers. The apps receive two updates: 

1) Wire for web running inside the Windows and macOS application containers

2) updates to the Electron container.


Wire for web updates inside macOS, Windows, and Linux apps

— You are prompted to update the app with an update banner. Select the banner, and the app restarts and applies the update.

— Update changes the Wire for web version number, for example, 2018.05.24


Windows Electron container updates

— Wire checks for updates 5 minutes after restarting the app or 24 hours after. Wire will update automatically at restart if a new update has been downloaded. 

— Update changes the Wire version number, for example, 3.1.2828


macOS Electron container updates

— You receive a new update through Apple App Store

— Update changes the Wire version number, for example, 3.1.2822




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