Invite a guest with an existing Wire account to my team conversations

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A guest is someone who is not part of your team, but works with your team (for example a contractor). This person could either use a Wire personal account or be part of another team.

Add a guest to a conversation

  1. Send the guest a contact request from your team account:

  2. When you are connected you can start a group conversation:

  3. or add the guest to an existing group conversation:

In the conversation list:

 A. Select the conversation that you'd like to add a guest to:

 B. Select the conversation name or the info button :

C. Select Guest Options:

D. Toggle to Allow guests and services:

 E. Select Add Participants:

F. Select the guest you'd like to add:

G. Select Add:

A banner at the top of the conversation will appear stating GUESTS ARE PRESENT.

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