What's new on Android?

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Wire is introducing a new Android version!

We rebuilt the app to make it more usable for everyone.

Explore Wire’s modern look with new options, improved accessibility, and better performance—with the same strong security you are used to.



We improved the following user flows based on your feedback.


  • Less storage space and lower battery consumption
  • Reliable app notifications and messaging


  • Easy accessible main navigation and an updated conversation list with a new activity section
  • Improved search for a conversation
  • Easier to create 1:1 and group conversations
  • Group conversations are marked with different colors to distinguish easily between 1:1 and group conversations
  • Calling controls are accessible all the time during a call
  • More comfortable to write longer messages as the text field adjusts accordingly
  • Improved dark and light mode – fully aligned with your system settings
  • Select a profile picture in your conversation to access your contact’s profiles easily
  • Quickly change your availability status or switch between accounts for teams
  • Log out directly from your profile and decide if you want to keep your history

See also the Android user guide.


  • Improved visual contrast ratios (colors) – following accessibility standard WCAG 2.1 (level AA)


  • Indication of guests, federated and external contacts are more recognizable 

Coming back soon

Very soon you will also be able to use those features again—in an even better way than before!

Look also out for more UI and UX improvements!


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback via support@wire.com.

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