Add a conversation to a custom folder

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Adding conversations to your custom folders helps you organize your conversations by topics.

  • On desktop (macOS, Windows, or on Wire for web)

    1. Hover the cursor over the relevant conversation:

    2. Select the arrow ▼ to get more options:

    3. Select MOVE TO…:

    4. Select Create new folder or a folder that already exists:

    5. Name the new folder and select CREATE:

    6. The new folder appears at the end of your conversations list:

  • On mobile

    1. Select a conversation.
    2. Select the conversation name to open the conversation details.
    3. Select the more options button  to open more actions.
    4. Select MOVE TO…
    5. Select the plus button + to create a new folder OR select a folder that already exists.
    6. Name the new folder and select CREATE.

      On Android

      You can’t add conversations to custom folders or remove a conversation from a custom folder at the moment on Android devices. The feature will be available again during 2023.

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