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Setting up SAML SSO on Wire

Now that you’ve registered Wire with your identity provider (IDP), a team owner can enable SSO for your team on Wire.

On Desktop:

  1. Click Settings Settings.png.
  2. Click Manage Team or go directly to
  3. Login with your account credentials.
  4. Click Customization. Here you will see the section for SSO.
  5. Click Bildschirmfoto_2021-06-14_um_14.35.10.png.
  6. Click Add SAML Connection.
  7. Provide the IDP metadata. To find out more about retrieving this for your provider, see the guides in Step 1.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Wire will now validate the document to set up the SAML connection.
  10. If the data is valid, you will return to the Settings page.
  11. The page shows the information you need to log in with SSO. Copy the login code or URL and send it to your team members or partners. For more information see: Logging in with SSO.

What to expect after SSO is enabled

Anyone with a login through your SAML identity provider (IDP) and with access to the Wire app will be able to register and log in to your team using the SSO Login URL and/or Code. Take care to share the code only with members of your team.

When your team members create accounts on Wire using SSO, they will appear on the People tab of the team settings page.

If team members already have Wire accounts, they will need to create new ones by registering with the SSO Login URL and/or Code. Existing Wire accounts cannot be bound to SSO logins.

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