How do read receipts work?

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You can see who and at what time someone read your message.

How to control read receipts

For 1:1 conversations

1. Go to settings


2. Select Account.


3. Activate or deactivate read receipts.


When this is off, you won't be able to see read receipts from other people. This setting does not apply to group conversations.

This setting will affect all of your 1:1 conversations and devices.

You and the other person in the 1:1 only see read receipts from each other if both of you have
turned read receipts on.


For group conversations (customers only):

In the conversation

1. Select the group name at the top.


2. Toggle read receipts on or off.


If toggled on, everyone in that group sends and receives read receipts from everyone else.
If toggled off, no one sends or receives read receipts from anyone.

The toggle only affects that group conversation and overwrites each persons read receipts account setting.

How do I know who read my message and when?

Read receipts appear only for the sender of a message.

For 1:1 conversations:

When your contact has read your message it will be indicated by View.png  and the timestamp.


For group conversations (customers only):

You see the count of how many people have read that message next to  View.png .

Tapping the timestamp or read receipts indicator opens the message details.

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