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Self-deleting messages are messages that automatically disappear from conversations when the timer you set for them runs out. You can set a timer for texts, pictures, audio, videos, links, documents, and pings. Self-deleting messages are available in 1:1 and group conversations.

  • On desktop (macOS and Windows) or on Wire for Web:

    To send a self-deleting message:

    1. Select the timer icon Timed_Message.png in the conversation:


    2. Set the timer by selecting a time:


    3. Write a message and send it:


  • On mobile:

    1. Select the timer icon Timed_Message.png  in the conversation.
    2. Set the timer by selecting a time.
    3. Write a message and send it.
    4. To turn self-deleting messages off, select the red timer to the right of the cursor, then toggle to Off.

The sender will see a timer Expiration_indicator.png  to the left of the message, and once expired, the message will be replaced by a scribble  that disappears once the message has been read.

The receiver will see the message with the timer Expiration_indicator.png  icon. The timer will not start until the message is visible on the screen. When the timer runs out, the message disappears.

Self-deleting messages are synced to the receiver's and sender's devices.

Self-deleting messages are great for many things, but please be aware that the receiver could still take a screenshot or photograph the screen.

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