What can I do if I'm not getting any notifications on Android?

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There are many reasons that notifications may not be working. Frequently, it’s a battery optimization issue, see the list of steps further below.


Please make sure:

  • Notifications are enabled in your device settings.
  • DO NOT DISTURB mode is disabled on your phone.
  • You don't have the Wire app open on any other device.
  • You have the latest version of Wire.
  • You have the latest Google Play Services version.

Maintain connection to server in order to ensure receiving notifications in real-time:

In Wire in the conversation list:

  1. Select the menu button .
  2. Select Settings .
  3. Select Network Settings.
  4. Turn Keep connection to websocket on.

Wire will try to keep a connection with the server open to receive notifications while the application is not in the foreground. Turning this setting off may improve battery performance, but you will no longer receive notifications when Wire is in the background. This applies to all accounts on this device.


Battery optimization:

Wire needs to have priority and be excluded from battery optimization to send you notifications.

To do this, you will need to go into your device settings.

Wire needs priority and all access in the following settings:

1. Battery optimization

Exclude Wire from battery optimization options:

Go to Phone Settings > Battery > Unmonitored apps > add Wire to the list. Restart your phone.
Go to Phone Settings > Battery > Apps > Wire > Do not optimize. Restart your phone.

2. Priority

Allow Wire to work in priority mode.

3. Autostart

Allow Wire to autostart when the phone boots:

Go to Phone settings > Startup manager > enable autostart for Wire.

On some devices you may not find this kind of option in the Settings, but you may have an app that handles the automatic startup of apps.

4. Mobile data

Disable restrictions for mobile data:

Phone Settings > Mobile Data > disable  'Restrict background data.'

Allow Wire to work while the screen is off:

Go to Phone Settings > Mobile Data > disable  'Restrict background data.'

Allow Wire to have unrestricted background data:

Go to Phone Settings > Apps > Wire > Data usage and check whether your phone is restricting background data for Wire.

5. Sound and notifications

Go to Phone Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications > Wire > turn on priority.

6. Security

Go to Phone settings > Security > Permissions > Autostart > enable autostart for Wire. Restart your phone.


Please be aware:

After changing the settings, we recommend logging out and in again for the settings to be applied.





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