Allow Wire microphone access

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On desktop (MacOS and Windows):

Please check your System Preferences.

On Wire for web:

On Google ChromeMozilla Firefox and Opera, the first time you make a call, you will be asked for permission to allow access to your microphone:

If you have previously denied access, you can update those settings:

On Google Chrome:


  1. Click the lock symbol.
  2. Select Allow.

On Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the lock symbol.
  2. In the Permissions section > Use the Microphone, choose between 'Always ask' or 'Allow'.

On Opera: 

  1. From the menu bar, select Preferences > Websites.
  2. In the Microphone section, check if the option 'Ask me when a site requires access to my microphone' is chosen.
  3. Click ‘Manage exceptions’. If is set to ‘Block’, click the x to remove the entry.

On mobile devices:

On iOS, microphone access is managed under Settings > Privacy > Microphone, where you can turn the microphone for Wire on or off.

On Android, microphone access is enabled during app installation.

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