Allow Wire microphone access

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Wire will ask for permission to access your microphone the first time you want to start a call on your desktop.

On Windows, macOS, or Linux

Only one application can access the camera at a time. If Wire cannot access the camera, check that no other application is using it. If another application uses your camera, close this application. If this does not help, please restart your device.

Please also check your Wire settings:

1. Select Preferences .

2. Select Audio / Video.

3. Select which microphone you are using.


On Wire for web

Wire requires the latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox (no private browsing).

The first time you make a call, you will be asked for permission to allow access to your microphone:

If you have previously denied access, you can update those settings:


Google Chrome

1. Select the lock button in the URL:

2. Go to the microphone section, and switch the toggle to ON.

3. Reload the page.


Mozilla Firefox

1. Select the microphone button in the URL bar:

2.Select Blocked X for the microphone.


Microsoft Edge

1. Select the lock button.

2. Select Allow in the microphone section.


On mobile devices


Microphone access is managed in your device settings:

  1. Select Privacy.
  2. Select Microphone.
  3.  Turn the microphone for Wire on or off.


Microphone access is enabled during app installation.

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