Use markdown to format text

Wire supports markdown on iOS, Android, and desktop.

On desktop and Android:

In order to display italic, bold, or parts of code, it is possible to use the following syntax to format some text inside any conversation on Wire:

Markdown used Displayed as
_some text_ some text
*some text* some text
**some text** some text
_**some text**_  some text
`some text` Screen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_11.22.53_AM.png


code snippet



On iOS:

Inside a conversation, tap _Markdown.png to activate markdown, then tap one of the following:

  • _H1.png = Heading; long pres to reveal other header sizes
  • _Bold.png = Bold
  • _Italic.png = Italics
  • List_numbered.png = Numbered list
  • _List.png = List
  • _Code.png = Code
  • # H1, ## H2, ### H3 syntax to create headers of various sizes
  • Start a line with a number followed by a period and at least one space to create a numbered list (eg: "1. Buy milk")
  • Start a line with either "-", "+", "*", or "• ", followed by at least one space, to create a bullet list (eg: "- Buy milk")
  • Convert text to a link by using the syntax "[link title](link url)". Eg, "[tap me!](" will display "tap me!" as a link, which when tapped, will direct you to the wire homepage. Note, for security reasons, this will only work if the link title is not a url, and the link url is valid.


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