Use markdown to format text

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Wire supports markdown on all platforms.

On all platforms

In order to display italic, bold, or parts of code, it is possible to use the following syntax to format some text inside any conversation on Wire:

Markdown used Displayed as
_some text_ some text
*some text* some text
**some text** some text
_**some text**_  some text
`some text` Screen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_11.22.53_AM.png

longer block of code longer block of code longer block of code longer block of code longer block of code

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-08 um 12.56.27.png




Link to a conversation


Link to a contact’s


# Heading 


Note: If you want to start a line with "#" without that line being a heading, you need to "escape" the symbol with a backslash, like this: "\#"




Additionally on mobile devices

Inside a conversation, select the formatting button Markdown.png to activate markdown.

Then select one of the following:

  • Heading H1.png 
  • Bold Bold.png
  • ItalicsItalic.png

Only on iOS

  • Numbered list List_numbered.png 
  • List List.png 
  • Code Code.png

  • # H1, ## H2, ### H3 syntax to create headers of various sizes
  • Start a line with a number followed by a period and at least one space to create a numbered list (eg: "1. Buy milk")
  • Start a line with either "-", "+", "*", or "• ", followed by at least one space, to create a bullet list (eg: "- Buy milk")
  • Convert text to a link by using the syntax "[link title](link url)". Eg, "[tap me!](" will display "tap me!" as a link, which when tapped, will direct you to the wire homepage. Note, for security reasons, this will only work if the link title is not a url, and the link url is valid.


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