Change notifications preferences on your device

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  • On desktop: 

    On MacOS and Windows, message notifications are managed under System Preferences > Notifications. Select the Wire app on the left, then change your preferences on the right.

    On Google Chrome:

    When you sign in for the first time, the notification bar will ask you to allow or deny these notifications. Click the lock icon and choose one of the 3 following options:

    • ask by default
    • always allow on this site
    • always block on this site

    On Mozilla Firefox: 

    You will be asked to choose whether to show notifications for:

    • this session
    • always show notifications
    • always block notifications

    On Opera: You will be asked if you want to show desktop notifications.


    On mobile devices:

    On iOS: Wire message notifications are managed under Settings > Notifications > Wire.

    On Android: Wire message notifications are managed under Settings > Apps/App Manager > Wire > Show Notifications.

    On Android 8: customize your notifications in Channels: Wire Settings > Options > Text Tone.

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