What is legal hold?

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The legal hold feature enables on premises customers who have a compliance obligation to record communications of certain team members for future review. The recording process is automatic and maintains high-security standards, ensuring that messages are secured between the endpoints, and neither Wire nor a third party can read them. All recorded transcripts are stored in a central location chosen by the customer.

When legal hold is activated for a particular team member all their future conversations – including deleted, edited, and timed messages – will be recorded. The subject and all conversation partners will be aware of the recording.

Conversations that do not contain any legal hold subjects won’t be recorded. 

 Be aware:

  • People who are part of a team under legal hold need to update Wire on all devices, otherwise their entire account will be suspended. If this is the case, update all devices and log in again. 
  • Team members must consent to be subject to legal hold in their accounts.
  • Only team members can be added to group conversations under legal hold.
  • Guests can not be added as they are not part of the team.
  • If a participant in a group conversation is subject to legal hold, all guests will be removed from the conversation.
  • As a team member subject to legal hold, you can’t connect to guests.
  • As a team member, you can’t connect to a legal hold subject from another team.
  • As a private user, you can’t connect to any legal hold subjects.


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