How can I compare key fingerprints?

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You can verify your conversations by comparing your contact's key fingerprints as shown on your device with those shown on their device.

In a conversation:

  1. Tap or click your contact's name at the top of the conversation to show their profile.


  2. Tap or click DEVICES.


  3. A list of your contact's devices is displayed. Tap the device name and ID that you'd like to verify.


  4. Verify with your contact that the key fingerprint listed on your device matches the key fingerprint shown on theirs.


  5. Tap or click VERIFIED.


If your contact uses Wire on more than one device, each key fingerprint should be compared and and verified. If you use Wire on additional devices, you will need to verify them as well to have a verified conversation.

Once all of your and your contact's devices are verified, the conversation is marked verified  Verified.png.


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