Keyboard shortcuts

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All functions in Wire are accessible from the keyboard. Accordingly, you can access all elements with your keyboard.


Using the default settings, keyboard navigation works as follows:

  • Tab key: Jumps through interactive elements such as links, buttons, and controls.
  • Enter key: Activates interactive elements.
  • Other keys: Move focus through non-interactive elements such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and page areas.

Navigate the following areas as follows:

  • In the conversation list: Use the up and down arrow keys to move to the desired conversation. In this conversation, you can use the right arrow to open the context menu for that conversation.
  • In the conversation: use the up and down arrow keys to move to the desired message. In the selected message, you can use the tab key to reach 1. the profile picture, 2. the heart icon, and 3. the message options.
  • In the settings / Account: Use the left and right arrow keys to select a profile color.


Additional keyboard shortcuts

Use the following additional keyboard shortcuts on macOS, Windows, or in Wire for web to navigate easily: 

Action Desktop   Wire for web
  macOS Windows   macOS Windows
Start conversation ⌘N ctrl + N   ⌥⌘N alt + ctrl + ,
Conversation details ⌘I ctrl + I   ⌥⇧⌘I alt + ctrl + I
Add people to a group/create a group ⇧⌘K shift + ctrl + K   ⇧⌘K shift + ctrl + K
Archive ⌘D ctrl + D   ⌥⇧⌘D alt + ctrl + D
Change conversation notifications ⌥⌘M alt + ctrl + M   ⌥⌘M alt + ctrl + M
Next Conversation ⌥⌘↑ alt + shift + ↑   ⌥⌘↑ alt + shift + ↑
Previous Conversation ⌥⌘↓ alt + shift + ↓   ⌥⌘↓ alt + shift + ↓
Preferences ⌘, ctrl + ,      
Switching between accounts ⌘1, 2, 3 ctrl + 1, 2, 3      
Hide ⌘W ctrl + W   ⌘W ctrl + W
Minimize ⌘M ctrl + M   ⌘M alt + space + n
Close Wire ⌘H        
Hide Others ⌥⌘H        
Quit Wire ⌘Q alt + F4    ⌘W  ctrl + W
Undo ⌘Z ctrl + Z      
Redo ⇧⌘Z shift + ctrl + Z    


Customers: notification settings ⌥⌘M alt + ctrl + M      
Debugging: Show user IDs, conversation IDs and messaging IDs ⌘⇧1 ctrl + shift + 1      
Fullscreen ⌥⌘F F11      

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