What do I need to know about secure alerts as a team member?

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Wire´s secure alert is a great feature for you to get easily informed about an incident in your organization or about important news in your organization 

Such an incident could for example be a data breach, a natural disaster, or the current coronavirus pandemic – you get informed quickly about the situation, get instructions if needed, and learn about the next steps.


As a team member you need to add the alert service in Wire:

  1. In the conversation list, select Contacts to show the search field.
  2. Select SERVICES.
  3. Search for Secure Alert.
  4. Select Open Conversation

We also recommend enabling read receipts on Wire to show the admin within the reporting dashboard, that you read the alert message.

When you receive an alert in this conversation, you will see it on all your devices.

Please select an answer by clicking one of the buttons, you can also change your mind. You can also communicate directly with the contact person mentioned in the alert message and with other people on your team at any time—all in the same application.



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