Connect Wire Public Client to a Custom Backend

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  • Install Wire either from the app store, or download from our website: 

  • Have a running Wire backend in your infrastructure/cloud. Note down the full URL of the webapp served by that backend (e.g.


  • Create a shortcut to the Wire application

  • Edit the shortcut

    • add the following command line paramenter to the shortcut: --env {URL}, where {URL} is the URL of your webapp


  • To create the application

    • Open Automator.

    • New application

    • Add "Run shell script" phase.

    • Type in the script panel the following command: open -b com.wearezeta.zclient.mac --args --env {URL}, where {URL} is the URL of your webapp.

    • Save the application from Automator (e.g. on your desktop or in Application)

  • To run the application: just open the application you created in step one.


  • Start the application with the command line arguments: --env {URL}, where {URL} is the URL of your webapp.

iOS / Android

  1. Install Wire, do not log in on any account.

  2. Open the link.

  3. Accept the popups.

Create a link with the following format:


where {JSON URL} is the URL of a JSON file that will describe how to connect to your backend, for example

This can be hosted anywhere that is accessible to the device opening the link: the app will download it to discover how to connect to the backend.

The wire://access?... link needs to be open on the mobile device (for example send it by email, embed it on a webpage, etc.).

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