How to enable mandatory app lock for all your team members?

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Require all team members to unlock Wire using a passcode or biometric authentication when returning to the app.

The feature will be enabled on all devices on all platforms for every team member.

As a team owner you can enable mandatory app lock in your Team Management at any time.

In the conversation list: 

  1. Click Preferences , then click Manage team.
  2. Or go to
  3. Log in with the team account credentials.
  4. Click Customization.
  5. Enable mandatory app lock by checking the checkbox.
  6. Select a time.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Confirm.

All team members will get informed about this change on all their devices and need to create a passcode if needed or use biometric authentication after the next login.                             

Be aware when using a passcode within Wire: Make sure that you save this passcode as it can not be recovered when you forget it.

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