What do the different Wire icons mean?


MUTE Silences notifications for a specific conversation.
ARCHIVE Hides a conversation, so it no longer appears in your conversation list.
 PEOPLE Allows you to add people to conversation.

On mobile, lets you add pictures to a conversation or change your profile picture.

PICTURE On desktop and Android, lets you add a picture to a conversation.
FILE Lets you share a file.
SHUTTER On mobile lets you take a video or a picture to add to a conversation, or take a new profile picture.
MORE Displays additional menu items.
SPINNER Alerts you that there's a delay in sending a message.
RESEND Allows you to send an unsent message.

Starts a voice call in private or group conversations.

  ACCEPT Answers a call you receive on Wire. 
   DECLINE/HANG UP Declines or ends an ongoing call on Wire.

On mobile, confirms sharing (sketch, video, voice message)


Alerts a connection with an animation and sound.

LEAVE/REMOVE Enables you to leave or to remove someone from a group conversation.
MUTE MICROPHONE Disables microphone when on a call.
SPEAKER Puts your call on loudspeaker.
MISSED CALL Indicates previously missed calls in a conversation.
  LAST MISSED CALL Identifies the last missed call.
EDIT Allows you to change your profile name or a group conversation name.
DOWNLOAD Saves a picture from a conversation to your device.
BLOCK On Desktop, lets you block a person.
UNDO Discards changes in a previous sketch.
SKETCH Allows you to sketch in a conversation or on a picture. 
PLAY Lets you play media in a conversation.
PAUSE Lets you pause media in a conversation.
BACK Lets you go back to the previous view.
GIPHY Allows you to send a GIF in a conversation.
MORE GIFS Lets you select a GIF.
SEARCH Allows you to search for people or group conversations.
ADD On iOS, sends a connection request to contacts you may know.
THEME Lets you switch between dark and light theme.
   CONTACTS On mobile, opens the search field.
   SETTINGS On mobile, brings you to your profile page.
   VIDEO CALL Starts a video call and allows you to turn your camera on and off while on a video call. 
   FLIP Allows you to switch between front to back camera view when on a video call.
TRASH Lets you delete a message. 
  LOCATION Lets you pin and share locations on a map.
AUDIO MESSAGE Lets you share an audio clip in a conversation.
SCREEN SHARING  Allows you to share your desktop screen when on a call or video call.
   CHAT  Lets you type a message while on a video call.
EMOJI Lets you add emojis to your conversations and pictures.
SEND Sends a message in a conversation.
LIKE Indicates that someone liked a message.
UNSENT Notifies you that a message in the conversation failed to send.
TIMED MESSAGE Allows you to send a self-destructing message.
search32x32.png SEARCH Lets your search a keyword or phrase in a conversation. Shows all pictures, links, and files in a conversation as well.
share32x32.png FORWARD Lets you forward a picture into another conversation. 
view32x32.png REVEAL  Shows you when a picture was posted inside a conversation. 
Is_Typing_2x.png IS TYPING On mobile, indicates that someone is typing.


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