What do the different Wire icons mean?


MUTE Silences notifications for a specific conversation.
ARCHIVE Hides a conversation, so it no longer appears in your conversation list.
 PEOPLE Allows you to add people to a conversation.

On mobile, lets you add pictures to a conversation or change your profile picture.

PICTURE On desktop and Android, lets you add a picture to a conversation.
FILE Lets you share a file.
SHUTTER On mobile lets you take a video or a picture to add to a conversation, or take a new profile picture.
MORE Displays additional menu items.
SPINNER Alerts you that there's a delay in sending a message.
RESEND Allows you to send an unsent message.

Starts a voice call in private or group conversations.

DECLINE/HANG UP  Declines or ends an ongoing call on Wire.
plus32x32.png  PLUS Opens the search field.

On mobile, confirms sharing (sketch, video, voice message).


Alerts a connection with an animation and sound.

LEAVE/REMOVE Enables you to leave or to remove someone from a group conversation.
MUTE MICROPHONE Disables microphone when on a call.
SPEAKER Puts your call on loudspeaker.
EDIT Allows you to change your profile name or a group conversation name.
DOWNLOAD Saves a picture from a conversation to your device.
BLOCK On Desktop, lets you block a person.
UNDO Discards changes in a previous sketch.
SKETCH Allows you to sketch in a conversation or on a picture. 
BACK Lets you go back to the previous view.
GIPHY Allows you to send a GIF in a conversation.
MORE GIFS Lets you select a GIF.
ADD On iOS, sends a connection request to contacts you may know.
THEME Lets you switch between dark and light theme.
Profile_2x.png  PROFILE On mobile, brings you to your profile page and settings.
 SETTINGS On desktop, brings you to your profile page.
 VIDEO CALL Starts a video call and allows you to turn your camera on and off while on a video call. 
 FLIP Allows you to switch between front to back camera view when on a video call.
TRASH Lets you delete a message. 
  LOCATION Lets you pin and share locations on a map.
AUDIO MESSAGE Lets you share an audio clip in a conversation.
SCREEN SHARING  Allows you to share your desktop screen when on a call or video call.
 CHAT  Lets you type a message while on a video call.
EMOJI Lets you add emojis to your conversations and pictures.
SEND Sends a message in a conversation.
LIKE Indicates that someone liked a message.
UNSENT Notifies you that a message in the conversation failed to send.
TIMED MESSAGE Allows you to send a self-destructing message. 
search32x32.png SEARCH Lets you search a keyword or phrase in a conversation. Shows all pictures, links, and files in a conversation as well.
share32x32.png FORWARD  Lets you forward a picture into another conversation.  
view32x32.png REVEAL  Shows you when a picture was posted inside a conversation. 
Is_Typing_2x.png IS TYPING On mobile, indicates that someone is typing.


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