What can I do if I'm not getting any notifications?

On iPhone/iPad:

Wire uses the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to alert you when you receive a new message.

Here are some suggestions for your iPhone/iPad settings to ensure you are able to receive notifications:

  • Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Tap the toggle for Wire to 'On.'
  • If it already shows as on, try tapping it off and then on again.

In Wire: Go to your profile page > Tap  > Settings > Advanced > Reset Push Notifications Token.

On Android:

Go to the app info and toggle the notifications on. 
To do that go to Settings > App manager > Wire and follow the instructions (depends on your Android version).
If this does not solve the issue, try to log out (Settings > Account > Log out) and log back in.
For Android 6.0 and newer, check your Battery Settings to see if the app is being silenced by an auto save power mode.

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