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Get an overview of Wire’s supscription options and create your team:

Feature Personal   Wire for free   Wire for Enterprise  
Send text messages      
Send pictures up to 25 MB up to 100 MB up to 100 MB
Send files up to 25 MB up to 100 MB up to 100 MB
Download files      
Send audio messages (mobile devices) up to 25 MB up to 100 MB up to 100 MB
Add audio filter (mobile devices)      
Send videos up to 25 MB up to 100 MB up to 100 MB
Create group conversations      
Send self-deleting messages      
Mention someone      
Reply to a message      
Send a ping      
Share location (mobile devices)      
Sketch (mobile devices)      
Send a GIF      
React to a message      
Use markdown for formatting      
Edit a message      
Delete a message      
Use custom folders      
Archive conversations      
Search in a conversations      
Use Wire on up to 8 devices      
Use up to 3 accounts on 1 device      
Guest rooms (add guests to a group)      
Storing assets forever (like files, pictures or audio and video messages) assets  are stored for 1 year    
Calls & Conferences            
1:1 audio calls      
1:1 video calls        
Screen sharing      
Start a video conference (> 2 people)      
Join a video conference (> 2 people)      
Start a conference call (> 2 people)      
Join a conference call (> 2 people)      
Mute participants in a conference call (desktop)      
Mute participants in a video conference (desktop)      
Select microphone, speaker, and camera during a call or conference      

Settings in group conversations   
(set by group admin)

Self-deleting messages      
Read receipts      
User settings            
Add or change profile picture      
Change availability status      
Change profile color      
Change profile name      
Change username      
Change email      
See team name      
Copy profile link      
Turn on Send anonymous crash reports      
Turn on Send anonymous usage data      
Untick Receive newsletter      
Turn read receipts on      
Turn typing indicator on      
Lock with passcode      
Create a backup      
Restore a backup      
Reset password      
Delete account      
Verify devices      
Reset sessions      
Remove devices      
Set sound alerts      
Adjust notifications      
Adjust text size      
Switch to dark theme      
Replace type emoticons with emojis      
Create previews for links you send      
Select microphone, speaker, and camera in your Wire settings      
Enable constant bit rate (CBR)      
Turn automatic gain control on      
Silence other calls      
Security & Privacy            
End-to-end encryption      
Key fingerprint verification      
Perfect Forward-Secrecy and Post Compromise-Secrecy      
Servers in EU      
Get a copy of your data      
Team management            
Add team members      
Remove team members      
More than 5 team members      
Change roles      
Add team logo      
Enable mandatory app lock      
Set up Single sign-on (SSO)      
Use automated user management (SCIM)      
Feature configurations            
Restrict file sharing      
Configure self-deleting messages      
Retrict guest links      
Add a service      
Billing and invoicing      
  free   free  

86.40 EUR per user per year (annual subscription)

8 EUR per user per month (monthly subscription)

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