What’s the difference between personal accounts and teams?

Wire lets you log in with multiple accounts, so you can switch between personal conversations and work. Use a personal account to communicate with friends and family, or collaborate with colleagues at work with a team.

Your personal account is yours to manage; you choose who you’d like to connect with either by sharing your address book and/or inviting others to connect, and can create group conversations with your contacts. You can register and log in with your personal email address or phone number. Wire is free for personal use.

A team is managed by an administrator at your workplace or organization. Your team owner and admins define your access rights to the team. Once you join a team, you will automatically be connected to everyone in your organization. You can log in to this account with your work email address, and can create group conversations with your team members, as well as invite guests to join. Various payment options are available for Wire teams. 

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