How can I invite a guest with an existing Wire account to my team conversations?

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A guest is someone who is not part of your team but works with your team (e.g. a contractor) 

  • On Desktop:
    To add them to a conversation:

    1. Send the guest a connection request from your team account.


    2. Open a conversation with the guest from your team account.


    3. Start a group conversation, or add them to an existing group.
  • On mobile:

    In the conversation list:

    1. Tap the conversation that you'd like to add a guest to.
    2. Tap the conversation name.
    3. Tap Guest Options.
    4. Toggle to Allow guests and services.
    5. Tap Plus.png Add Participants.
    6. Select the guest you'd like to add.
    7. Tap Add people to Group.

A banner at the top of the conversation will appear stating GUESTS ARE PRESENT.

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